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ABuy Acacia Confusa Root Bark is a perennial tree native to South-East Asia. Some common names for it are acacia petit feuille, small Philippine acacia, Formosa acacia (Taiwan acacia) and Formosan koa. It grows to a height of 15 m. The tree has is quite common in many tropical Pacific areas, including Hawaii, where the species is into account invasive.

The wood incorporates a density of about 0.75 g/cm.  In Taiwan, its wood is for creating support beams for underground mines.  Acacia confusa is challenging to figure and for this reason. So, it was traditionally take as firewood or became charcoal in Taiwan. It’s coming from China to be into wood flooring for the American market. At its height , Taiwan is over 1,000 containers of Taiwan acacia to China. Therefore, 0.074% alkaloids from stems (20% DMT, 80% NMT).

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NMT and an unidentified tryptamine alkaloid from trunk bark. So, 2.85% alkaloids from root bark (45% DMT, 55% NMT); 0.005% DMT, 0.009% DMT N-oxide, 0.006% NMT and 0.007%. N-chloromethyl-DMT (might be artefact of extraction) from unspecified parts.

Acacia confusa available USA

May be psychoactive, because the root is an aphrodisiac, and will are additionally to the Central American balché beverage. Claims of tryptamines during this species may well be speculation. Research needed.

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  • Domain: EukaryotaKingdom: Plantae
  • Phylum: Spermatophyta
  • Subphylum: Angiospermae
  • Class: Dicotyledonae
  • Order: Fabales
  • Family: Fabaceae
  • Subfamily: Mimosoideae
  • Genus: Acacia
  • Species: Acacia confusa

Best place to buy acacia Confusa root bark

Buy Acacia Confusa Root Bark produces from seeds and from cuttings. Fire can stimulate the germination of huge numbers of seeds, and it’ll also resprout after fire (PIER, 2002). A. confusa could be a nitrogen fixing species and a pioneer tree on wastelands. Growing rapidly and has great adaptability including shallow and infertile soils, though it prefers acid, free-draining soils. A confusa prefers a summer or uniform rainfall regime, a mean annual rainfall of 1300 to 3000 mm. And a season duration not exceeding 5 months. The mean annual temperature in its native range is 18-26°C. With the mean minimum of the good month 14-16°C and therefore the mean maximum of the most popular month 26-29°C,. It’ll tolerate an absolute minimum temperature of 0°C. Generally a lowland species but are often mainly at altitudes up to 800 m.

Buy acacia confusa root bark USA

Buy Acacia Confusa Root Bark is feasible if saplings are with herbicides including 2,4-D and triclopyr. With sensitivity in varying degrees to cut-surface applications of two,4-D, dicamba, glyphosate, picloram and triclopyr . And to basal bark application of triclopyr in oil (PIER, 2002).

Classification of the genus Acacia (withinside the broader sense) has been situation to notable debate. It is usually there are valid reasons for breaking it up into several incredible genera, but there has is conflict of terms over the way this want to be out. As of 2017, it is widely (but now now not genuinely) time that the segment that includes the majority of the Australian species (which encompass this one) want to keep the choice Acacia, at the same time as great sections of the genus want to the genera Acaciella, Mariosousa, Senegalia and Vachellia.

General Information

Buy Acacia Confusa Root Bark is an evergreen tree which can growth 6 – 15 metres tall. The bole can be as loads as 100cm in diameter in very antique timber, aleven aleven aleven aleven though it is also smaller. Although it produces leaves as a seedling, llike most people of the genus the mature plant does now now not have proper leaves but has leaf-like flattened stems referred to as phyllodes.

The tree is the wild for community use of its wood. It is frequent in southern China and southeast Asia, for its wood and tannin ; It is also frequently be as a destination tree and to provide solid haven near the coast; and is also as an ornamental.

Known Hazards

Especially in times of drought, many Acacia species pays hobby immoderate stages of the toxin Hydrogen cyanide in their foliage, making them risky for herbivores to eat.

Cultivation Details

Buy Acacia Confusa Root Bark prefers a summer season season or uniform rainfall regime. A mean annual rainfall of 1,300 – 3,000 mm, and a dry season length now now not exceeding 5 months. The recommend annual temperature in its network range is 18 – 26°c.

With the recommend minimum of the quality month 14 – 16°c and the recommend maximum of the maximum updated month 26 – 29°c. And it will tolerate an absolute minimum temperature of 0°c . Requires a sunny position.

Prefers an acid, freely-draining soil, but succeeding on a large form of soils which encompass on shallow and infertile websites.

The tree is for its wood and as a shadeation crop in loads of areas and has every now and then go into the wild and become natural. Being deemed invasive in some areas. It grows properly in every dry and mesic habitats.

Will frequently resprout after hearthplace, and has genuine monotypic stands in pastures and disturbed websites in forests, in which it receives rid of the network ground cover. Seeds present withinside the ground can germinate profusely after hearthplace. The leaves are having allelopathic houses because of the truth great species do now now not growth below the tree. The tree will generally resprout following a hearthplace, good-bye as it isn’t too severe. The hearthplace also can moreover even stimulate the germination of seeds, as a manner to growth suddenly to revegetate the burnt-over areas. This species has a symbiotic relationship with high quality soil bacteria; the ones bacteria form nodules on the roots and fix atmospheric nitrogen. Some of this nitrogen is by the growing plant but some furthermore may be great flowers growing nearby.

Edible Uses

  • None known


The bark of all Acacia species includes extra or lesser quantities of tannins and are astringent. Astringents are frequently medicinally internally, for example. They may be inside the treatment of diarrhoea and dysentery, and furthermore may be beneficial in times of internal bleeding. Externally, frequently as a wash, they may be to address wounds and great pores and pores and pores and pores and skin problems, haemorrhoids, perspiring feet, some eye problems, as a mouth wash etc. Many Acacia timber moreover yield extra or lesser quantities of a gum from the trunk and stems. This is every now and then taken internally withinside the treatment of diarrhoea and haemorrhoids.

Acacia Confusa Root Bark Uses:

  • The tree are provide shadeation and solid haven, especially near the coast, in which it can moreover be to help stabilize dunes.
  • The tree is provide material for green manures.
  • A natural pioneer species, invading disturbed ground, growing quickly, fixing atmospheric nitrogen, and growing conditions suitable for great timber. It can be as a pioneer species forrestoring network wooded vicinity and putting in vicinity wooded vicinity gardens.

Other Uses

The tree is a deliver of tannins. Acacia Confusa Root Bark for its tannins want to excellent be from mature stems, and excellent at the same time as the sap is developing on the begin of the growing season – this is at the same time as the tannin content material cloth is most and the bark is most results easily from the wood.


The seed of most, if now now not all, people of this genus has a difficult seed coat and can advantage. From scarification in advance than sowing to rush up germination. This can generally be carried out thru manner of approach of pouring a small amount of really boiling water on the seeds (being careful now now not to put together dinner dinner them!).

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And then soaking them for 12 – 24 hours in warmness water. By this time they want to have imbibed moisture and swollen . With inside the occasion that they have got now now not, then carefully make a nick with inside the seed coat (being careful now now not to damage the embryo) and soak for a in addition 12 hours in advance than sowing. Acacia seeds that have genuinely on the bush and were properly have a difficult seed coat and can be in closed containers without deterioration for 5 – 10 years or extra in dry conditions at ambient temperatures. It is excellent to put off the aril, which pulls weevils and can cause moulds forming. The thru manner of approach of placing the seeds in water and rubbing them most of the hands, then drying the seeds and winnowing them.

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