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Ethan Shaw

“This experience gave me a lot of confidence about my self and my body. A bunch of bad thought / behavior patterns were broken. One of these was pretty bad OCD that made me wash my hands a lot. It gave me a lot of hope that things will be fine, this is the one thing that I heard throughout the trip: Everything is alright. The main reason for the trip was my severe depression and it definitely helped me (although it’s not gone). Before all I could do was lay in bed. Now I am trying to rebuild my life one step at a time which wasn’t possible before.””

5/5 5/5 “I found the experience to be incredibly empowering, cathartic, releasing, healing, and exhausting. It was wonderful to have a safe space where I felt supported and comfortable to do completely as I needed to without judgement.” Maria Eve Lawyer 5/5 “It’s hard to put the transformation in words. Incredible amounts of healing occurred. I’m still processing the beauty, wonder & awe of you two using your art to guide us through that healing experience.” Liam Bower Mechanic 5/5 “The experience as a whole was spectacular. I felt completely supported. All that you could need during the experience was right there. Wonderful arrangement. It gave me clear headedness, a whole new outlook of looking at things. Even though I feel I had some of the answers before the experience, I feel as if there’s an enormous drive now to go on the self improvement journey.” Nicky Dancer 5/5 “From my trip, I learned that there is no reason for fear. I learned that I shouldn’t force myself to do things that are against my nature.” Dan Anderson Architect 5/5 My guides helped me feel secure all the time, it was so helpful to have them there. From the experience, I got my questions answered…and I believe life is still full of colors for me.” Diana Moore Designer 5/5 “My biggest takeaway from the experience was the importance of connecting with others. Although it has only been a week, I have already found it easier and more natural to reach out to people.” Jessica Kyle Manager

Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics

The potential of psychedelic drugs in the treatment of mental health problems is increasingly being recognized. However, relatively little thrust has been given to the suggestion that individuals without any mental health problems may benefit from using psychedelic drugs, and that they may have a right to do so. This review considers contemporary research into the use of psychedelic drugs in healthy individuals, including neurobiological and subjective effects. In line with findings suggesting positive effects in the treatment of mental health problems, such research highlights the potential of psychedelic drugs for the enhancement of wellbeing even in healthy individuals. The relatively low risk associated with usage does not appear to align with stringent drug laws that impose heavy penalties for their use. Some policy implications, and suggestions for future research, are considered.

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